Chew Your Arm Off 

Title: Chew Off Your Arm

Genre: Fluff, friendship

Rating: PG13 ish

Word Count: A little over 300

Warnings: none

Original Prompt: Kurt, Blaine and Rachel having a sleepover together (before s4). Rachel falls asleep, tucked under Kurt’s arm, and they try not to wake her. Well, that’s hard when you are a teenager boy, in the same bed as your boyfriend.

Notes: for Pinkgleek. Sorry for all the grammatical errors, I know there’s probably a ton that I didn’t catch.

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Remember that we are accepting prompts until midnight tomorrow. Get submitting any drabbles / one shots you want to see written! 

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Anything Could Happen 

Title: Anything Could Happen

Rating: PG 13

Genre: Fluff, romance

Word Count: about 700

Pairings: Klaine, mention of Kadam

Warnings: mentions of sex and related things, spoilers for “I Do” if you haven’t seen it.

Original Prompt: Fill in all the gaps of the stuff we missed in ‘I Do’ like: how they ended up making out in the car, their thoughts during the wedding, any conversations they had, the hotel room scene, and what they did once they went back down to the wedding. You can choose the rating and/or explicitness

Notes: For her-name-is-persephone. sorry if this seems a little rushed, it was a busy week. Hope you enjoy it! (Also, I wrote Sue really bad, yikes.)

Summary: Missing moments/ thoughts from “I Do”

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Prompts will close tonight at midnight, so get submitting Klainers! 

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Never Over 

Title: Never Over

Rating: R

Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort, Angst 

Word Count: 3,950

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Adam Crawford (brief mention), Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel. Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel (Klaine). 

Warning(s): Minor cumplay, minor bondage.

Original Prompt: Kurt and Blaine meet as friends after break-up. they continue to hook-up. And one day, after sex, Blaine doesn’t stand up and start to fight with Kurt. He doesn’t like that’s kind of relationship that they have now,  And so he asks him to choose, or they will start to date as couple, or they stop to communicate with each other at all, because it is very hard not to love Kurt that way. 

Notes: For imagineiwashere.Betas were: Rachel, and special thanks to Beat for some touch-ups.

Summary: They’ve met up several times since the break-up for sexual interactions. Blaine is tired of only having sex and always ending up confused. Kurt is growing weary of the continue battle between his heart and his head.

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Klainers, prompts open tomorrow! 

All prompts should be 3-4 sentences or less, and for one-shots or drabbles (no multi-chapter fics, please!). 

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Only Just a Dream 

Title: Only Just a Dream

Rating: PG

Genre(s): fluff, romance, established relationship, hurt/comfort (kiiiind of), general

Word Count: 700

Characters/Pairing(s): Kurt/Blaine

Warning(s): none

Original Prompt: Kurt (or Blaine) wakes up from the nightmare that is the events of Season 4 to find that everything from Kurt’s rejection from NYADA on has been a dream.

Notes: I just want to be clear that this fic is not meant as wank. I actually really love this season of Glee and personally wouldn’t change anything that has happened. But at the same time…it was fun to write :)

Summary: Kurt wakes up from a nap and an unsettling dream.

Blaine quietly flipped off the television and ran a hand through Kurt’s hair. His boyfriend mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep, burying his face in Blaine’s stomach.

Kurt always fell asleep in his lap when they had Top Chef marathons.

“Kurt,” he whispered, his hand tracing the lines of Kurt’s arm. He shook him gently. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go to bed.”

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Something in the Coffee 

Title: Something in the Coffee

Rating: G

Genre(s): Fluff, a teensy bit of angst

Word Count: 706

Characters/Pairing(s): Klaine, Blaine/other man

Warning(s): none

Original Prompt: Blaine is like super famous and has a long term boyfriend but never revealed if he is his soulmate. Kurt just got out of Lima and gets his mark (aka Blaines name) a few days after he starts living in NYC. He’s confused and little bit heartbroken but in the end he can’t stay away from blaine. Blaine doesn’t get it and treats him like a fan and like kisses his boyfriend and stuff. Kurt’s heartbroken. Happy ending pls.

Notes: Prompted by dirtydarrenletmebe. I’m a little rusty with writing, so I hope you like this!

Summary: ‘When you first see your soulmate, somewhere on your body will start to itch. You probably won’t think anything of it. At first.’

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I Love It, I Love You 

Title: I Love It, I Love You

Rating: PG, slightly PG13

Genre(s): Fluff

Word Count: 985

Characters/Pairing(s): Klaine

Warning(s): Mentions of sex.

Original Prompt: Blaine sees the Kurt + Blaine heart Kurt was doodling in Silly Love Songs.

Notes: prompted by; coffeeandpencils

Summary: Blaine’s rooting in his boyfriends bedroom causes him to discover something he never knew about.


Kurt literally left the room not 10 minutes ago and Blaine’s already trying to find his underwear that was thrown off in the haste to get undressed. Regardless that he and Kurt have been naked together plenty of times, Blaine’s never comfortable with being completely naked in Kurt’s house – even if he’s in the safety of Kurt’s bedroom – just in case Burt Hummel decides he wants to check on them.

Whilst Kurt’s getting them both drinks and snacks Blaine’s on the floor on his hands and knees, the white sheet wrapped around his waist, rummaging underneath Kurt’s bed, which has got to be the only place his underwear fell, because he can’t find them anywhere else in the room. He would ask Kurt if he could borrow some of his but he doesn’t know if they’re at that stage yet.

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Our Boys are Gonna be Okay 

Title: Our Boys are Gonna be Okay

Rating: PG

Genre(s): Fluff, Friendship, Romance, Est!Relationship

Word Count: 896

Characters/Pairing(s): Blaine Anderson, Finn Hudson, Jake & Noah Puckerman, Ryder Lynn, Joe Hart, Artie Abrams, mention of Kurt Hummel. Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel (Klaine) 

Warning(s): N/a

Original Prompt: Blaine talking to the glee boys about Kurt.

Notes: For fantasticalandabsurd.

Summary: The Glee boys are interested in hearing about Blaine and Kurt, since they never really get the chance. It gets a whole lot sappier than originally intended.

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